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Rent a car in Crete at rock bottom prices!

Rent a car in Crete at rock bottom prices!

Kokkini Hani - Heraklion - Anissara - Hersonissos - Crete - Greece

They've been around quite a long time (1984) and they know what they're doing. Anna Cars is a stress-free enviroment and makes renting a car a pleasurable experince. Safety, affordability and comfort is at the top of their list when it comes to providing for their customers. They have over 250 cars, latest models!

Anna Cars

Only the best insurance is offered to their customers and this is done in conjunction with Greek and European Insurance companies (starting from Euros 17 daily and this includes excellent services) and ensures that there will be no dissapointments.

Latest models!

Standards are very high and the staff are dedicated and this gaurantees that you'll get the best all-round service you deserve.

Anna Cars is willing and able to cooperate with Tourist Companies and Travel Agencies and if anyone is interested, please contact:

Kostas Anifantakis
TEL. : ++30 6977 470121

 Κοκκίνη Χάνι, Ηράκλειο, Ηράκλειο
 2810 762019, 2810 237418
 2810 762050 

Mr. John in Anissaras, always willing to help and with a contagious smile!

Please visit their website, they are always interested to hear from you and answer any questions you might have: 

In the magical Cretan village of Anissaras

They hope to hear from you soon

Review taken from (Mihai-from-Belgium's review of Anna Cars)
Mihai-from-Belgium (Written on 22/07/2012)

"Brand new car, pleasant persons."
In the beginning of July 2012 we rented a Suzuki Jimnny convertible with A/C at a very good price considering the "as brand as new" state of the car. Mister Michalis, one of the employees waiting us on the airport and explained very good and friendly all the rental terms. It was not required any Credit Card or other kinds of guaranties. We did not had any problems with the little red Jimnny. At the end of rental period ( 13 days ) we returned the car on the airport and handed the car keys to the parking guardian. It was a pleasure to rent from them. Very pleasant persons ( Mr. Anifantakis and Mr. Michalis ) We enjoyed the time spent in that cute red Suzuki Jimnny, and certainly I will recommend Anna Cars to any of my friends. All the best, Gina & Mihai from Belgium

  • Date of hire (month/year) July2012

  • Heraklion

    Country & City of hire

  • Excellent

    Condition of vehicle

  • Excellent

    Choice of vehicles

  • Customer Service

  • Value For Money

Annacars Rent a Car in Crete
Driving in style! (picture taken from

Comments taken from discussion on (Heraklion Forum: Anna Cars vs Athens Cars vs Alianthos Cars):

"We have used Anna cars for the past 3 years with no problems, they might be a tad more expensive but all the cars we have had have been under 3 years old and in very good condition." - drcaj

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Yiorgos Hatziparaskos: Filo Pastry Chef (last of the Mohicans!)

Keep Me From Parm: Yiorgos Hatziparaskos....say that 5 times, but not fast. Do it now!

Yiorgos Haziparaskos

... And on a small side street in Rethymnon, on the northern coast of Crete, Yiorgos Hatziparaskos is consistently proving that, turning out handmade filo dough with the belief that quality is better than quantity, and that patience and skill are two more ingredients that help define such a quality product.

... Off to the side, Yiorgos’s wife silently cuts small pieces of baklava, crunchy pastries of her husband’s product layered with pistachios and dripping with honey; you can’t leave without trying something that showcases his hard work in its intended form. Her quiet sales pitch works, and the product speaks for itself. The flaky pastry crackles and breaks cleanly, without the usual cascading shards sputtering out of your mouth. This means it’s hasn’t lost its texture, but it’s still moist enough to stay together. It’s everything you could want from filo dough.

... And Yiorgos clearly enjoys his work. He plays the showman for groups who come to see him work, but you can see in the way that he handles the dough and from the aura he exudes while he putters around in a cloud of flour that it’s not a chore for him, but a pleasure. When someone is so excited about what they’re doing, it makes you all the more excited to be a part of it. And with Yiorgos’s excitement, flour, water, oil and salt became a simply complex wonder.

For over half a century Yiorgos Haziparaskos has been busy in his workshop on Manouil Bernardou Street in the Old Town of Rethymno, making Kadaifi in the traditional way, just as he did when he started: syrup, nuts, lot's of love and passion and ofcourse with the handmade filo pastry made in the traditional way.

ΡΕΘΥΜΝΟ. Στο εργαστήρι του Χατζηπαράσχου
Half a century and still going strong! (picture taken from

He has been doing this job since 1946, when he was 25 years old, first as an apprentice and from 1958 till today in his own shop, in the same place in the Old Town. If you by chance should meet him when he opens his shop, don't be surprised if he arrives with his bicycle, defying the Doctors who have on many occasions advised him to retire.

A passionate love for his job

Workshop of Yiorgos Hatziparaskos
Manouil Bernardou 30
Telephone: +30 2831029488

Εργαστήρι Γιώργος Χατζηπαράσχος 
Μανουήλ Βερνάρδου 30 
Τηλ. 2831029488

The article is in Greek and can be found here:

Traditional Filo Master of all Greece! (picture taken from:

... is one of the last traditional Filo Masters in all of Greece. He makes super-fine pastry by hand in his traditional workshop. He has been doing this for over 60 years, ably assisted by his wife Katerina for the last 50. The Baklava and Kataifi is by far the best I have ever eaten. If you are ever in Rethymno, Crete, indulge yourself.

I think you'll really get a good idea after watching this video, enjoy! :-)

I hope that you've enjoyed this small intoduction of this unique, gifted and humble man. If you're ever in the vicinity, go and greet the man, I'm sure that it will be worth your while. We all wish him a long and healthy life and to carry on doing what he loves most! Thank you and that's all for now, we'll see what happens in the next post. Giasas! :-)

Aloi Hotel, Anissaras, Crete

Aloi Hotel: anissaras hotels, crete greece apartments, hersonissos hotels, travel anissaras, holidays crete hersonissos, hotel aloi, accommodation crete hersonissos, anissaras crete - Aloi Hotel

Aloi Hotel B (three stars)

Aloi Hotel
Aloi Hotel

The hotel Aloi is situated in Anissaras, an uncrowded and very quiet area, 23km to the east of Heraklion. In the area round the hotel, which is located 250m from the sea, are dotted shops, taverns and bars - all within walking distance. 

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Children's Activities
Children's Activities
Car Parking
Car Parking
Cafeteria / Snack Bar
Cafeteria / Snack Bar
Internet Access
Internet Access
Safe Box
Safe Box

Very clean, neat and tidy!

The bungalows and double rooms, 25 in all, face the sea. Those on the upper floor offer a sea view. Those on the ground floor look out over the splendid garden.      
All rooms are cleaned to a high standard with frequent changes of towels and bedclothes.    


There are only a small amount of restaurants on Crete like ours, where diners are looked after so well.

With traditional food and special dishes the Aloi assures a unique culinary experience.

There are always pleasant tastes to discover - international, traditional, special and spicy foods.

Many recipes are deeply rooted in the rural traditions of Crete. That is how we started and that is the way we intend it to stay.

Island style at its best!

The menu below lists the room rates along with the default board for each room. For more information on the possibilities of adding extra beds, or changing the default board, please click on the appropriate icons (where applicable)
Single Room (BB) - price per person
1 guest25,00 €35,00 €43,75 €
Double Room (BB) - price per person
2-3 guests12,50 €
18,75 €
25,00 €
Bungalow (BB) - price per person
2-3 guests16,25 €
25,00 €
31,25 €
Date ranges
A1 May 2006 - 31 May 2006 and 1 Oct 2006 - 31 Oct 2006
B1 Jun 2006 - 30 Jun 2006 and 1 Sep 2006 - 30 Sep 2006
C1 Jul 2006 - 31 Jul 2006 and 1 Aug 2006 - 31 Aug 2006

Legend - Board type
RRRoom Rate - Price does not include breakfast or meals
BBPrice includes bed and breakfast
HBHalf board - Price includes breakfast & dinner
FBFull board - Price includes breakfast, lunch & dinner
AIAll Inclusive - Price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks
Extra bed options
Meal supplements

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Cretan Animal Protection - Gouves

Caring for stray cats and dogs - Gouves, Crete, Greece - Welcome

Here are some pictures of the cats that we take care of in our area. "Asia" gave birth on our balcony and her little ones have grown quite quickly and are looking healthy and attractive. A little orphan, "Murka" (I call her "Spots"), has joined us from the Hotel next door, it has been accepted by "Asia" and the others and there is hope for it.

My girlfriend, Foteini, gives them Russian names and I give them English or Greek names, he, he. :-)

"Asia" the mother on the left and her two sons, "Umka"/"Socks" and "Panther".

Cretan Animal Protection

In order to achieve 
our main objective 
which is a happy ending 
for all of these beautiful abandoned and dumped little rejects - we have rescued, fed watered, medically treated, nursed to health, kept safe and secure.  
We need your help  
"Life is life's greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life's scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest." -- Lloyd Biggle Jr.

"Umka/Socks" in front , "Asia" against the wall  and "Felicia" against the wall in the background.
 Cretan Animal Protection

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit. 
Please browse through our pages there's lots to see  - visit our animal galleries where we feature both dogs and cats who are seeking loving new homes.
You will find numerous ways in which you can help these animals its not always necessary to donate cash 
On going events and fun pages and CAP sales items
News and updates from past fostered and re homed animals
Foster and Escort explained
and of course please sign our Guest book
Thank you for visiting us and please come back

"Panther" looking menacing.

Taken from Cretan Animal Protection's website.
Cretan Animal protection

 Why not join us on Facebook and become a fan.
We have a very active page where you can follow day to day events and receive news as it breaks.

Our little orphan, "Murka/Spots".
Foteini, our cats and kittens send their regards and one big meeow! Please support, Cretan Animal Protection in Gouves, thank you! :-)